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Friday, November 2, 2007

Driving Test Software - Latest Version 1.7 Features

This is the latest version of Driving Test software which operates on all Microsoft based systems (including Vista).
The CD ROM consists over 1200+ questions in a test bank with multiple choice and in various categories with answer formats. This product is the (leading) best product in the market today (at very reasonable price). Includes 1 CD-ROM in DVD case & free online support.

This software package is ideal for preparation of your theory test. As you will be taking the test on a computer at DSA Test Center, the software will make sure that you will feel comfortable in the test centre environment when you take the actual test. The software contains official DSA question database, from which most questions will be actually asked in your exam.

The questions will be in multiple choice format with more than one answer choices.

To start a test simply enter your username and password and click on start button.

A report is created at the end of each exam for evaluation purpose.

The report can be printed so that you can review the incorrect answers.

This Driving Theory software version 1.7 has a tests section. This section contains tests on various topics but with a time limit of 57 minutes. Also there is a random test generator section which includes one test that randomly selects questions from the pool of 1200+ Questions & Answers! We believe that this is the best way to memorize the Questions for your Driving Theory test. Hundreds of people have used our software and not one person has failed the theory test after preparing with us.

You can easily buy this product online by clicking Purchase Driving Test Software at the bottom.

This software will operate on all Pentium PC or higher configuration. Runs on all Microsoft Systems including Windows Vista, XP, 2000.

The software you have bought contains a large number of video clips that we have collected by a mixture of driving around with a camera in a specially adapted vehicle. By reviewing these video clips using the supplied software - you are undergoing "Hazard Perception Training".

Secondly, the software is designed to look and acts like the official HPT exam - which will follow on from your multiple choice theory examination. Whilst we have never seen the official examination, we have been provided with enough information by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to make our product substantially the same as theirs. This means that you can use the Driving Test Success Hazard Perception Training software to simulate and prepare for the real exam - helping to increase your confidence of success when you take it.

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