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Friday, November 16, 2007

DO YOU KNOW-How to Unlock Your Cellphone

So you didn't know that your phone was locked to your provider when you bought it, and now you can't switch providers without getting a new phone. Well not exactly. You can opt to get your phone unlocked. As of November 2006, unlocking has been made totally legal. Unlocking will allow you to use your phone on any GSM network in the world.

Well here are your options. If you have an old Nokia phone, you may be able to find an unlock calculator online and unlock your phone for free. Or, if you are locked to Cingular, and have been with them a few months, they may provide you with a free unlock code. But for the most part, you will have to buy your unlock code or software, as the free methods only cover so much, and can cause more harm then good if not performed properly.

Recommended sources such as CellUnlockCode can unlock your Motorola, Blackberry, Treo, and many other phones quickly and easily. The easiest way to unlock your phone is using an unlock code. You simply have to send them your IMEI number (a 15 digit code -International Mobile Equipment Identity), and they will email you back your unlock code. You can also opt for a cheaper do-it-yourself unlock software option. That basically requires the data cable that came with the phone, as well as the installation of special software and drivers to unlock your phone. It can be a little trickier but shouldn't be a problem for most people. However, data cable unlock software doesn't work for all models so make sure your phone is supported.

Finally you can also chose to send in your phone to a company and have them unlock it, and they will mail you back your phone. Although that method can be slower and costs more due to all the shipping fees, so its not really recommended. You may be lucky enough to have an unlocker in your area, so you can just bring him the phone in person and he can do it for you in a few minutes.

There are many benefits to getting your phone unlocked. In addition to the freedom of switching providers, it also increases the resale value of your phone. Another great feature is that it can become very convenient if you are traveling abroad. An unlocked cellphone would allow you buy a local simcard and save on any phone calls you make.

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