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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

#Chat rooms for teens

One of the common things any teen wants these days is Internet chatting. Internet chat is a great way to meet and make new friends from all over the world. Chat rooms for teens are interactive entertainment spots on the internet. There are chat rooms for teens designed specially to cater to their age and interests. To chat with another teenager the first step is to become a member. A chat id and a password have to be created. Then a profile is posted on the website. Teens from any corner of the world can chat live with another teen with the same interest, hobbies and concerns. They can share their views, comments, etc. There are different types of chat rooms for teens. Each room caters to a specific interest of its members. In each room the teens chat either about the latest movies, music, football, favorite author, favorite singer, favorite actor, etc. Chat rooms for teens are also classified according to the various regions, communities, religions, languages, etc. These kinds of chat rooms for teens help to communicate and relate to a particular group of teenagers from different backgrounds.

Chat rooms are a great place to hangout and have fun and spend time. Respect the other teen’s views. Steer away from cyber-fights. Chat in a friendly manner. Before sending private message (PM) to someone in a chat room, first ask for their permission. If they are not interested, do not harass, but move on. Some popular chat rooms could be highly populated. Always welcome the newbie teen in a chat room and do not be rude to them, as they will not be sure how to behave in a chat room. To cut down on the typing time, many teens have started using abbreviations like BRB (Be Right Back), LOL (Laugh Out Loud), LTNS (Long Time No See), etc.

To chat safely on the internet, the teens should protect themselves from online predators. Identifiable information like real name, address, phone number, school, private email address, photo, etc should never be shared among the users. They can control who sees their profile. If a teenager is planning to meet one of the chat friends, first the parents have to be informed. Then meet your friend at daytime in a busy public place. Most of the chat rooms for teens have a ‘help room’ where troubles makers can be reported. An annoying chat member can be blocked from chatting, by clicking on the ‘ignore’ button.

Chat rooms for teens are mushrooming all over the internet. A teen web browser can have a friendly chat with other like-minded teens. Some websites offer voice-chats and web-cam chats. Many teenagers have found friends, with whom their interests can be shared. Chat rooms for teens are social network which have served as a platform for bringing together teens of various interests.

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