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Friday, November 23, 2007

Build Your Own Engagement Ring

You feel it's time for you to engage and you are now thinking about THE ring. If you don't already have seen some of the various setting designs, or if you don't know them then I suggest you visit some online stores. Some stores propose a build your own engagement ring tool so you can see exactly how your engagement ring will look.
Here are some engagement ring styles you will have to choose from :

Solitaire rings

Always appreciated, this is the most simple ring style, but very elegant. It is designed to make the diamond stand out.

Tension rings

Tension rings are spectacular versions of the solitaire ring. Indeed there is still one diamond but the ring is not full. There is a space that is filled by the diamond. There are no bridge or prongs below the diamond to hold it. The diamond is clamped from both side by the ring and is fully visible, even on a finger.

Sidestones rings

It can be a three stone rings, a five stone rings or more. The stones are mounted on the ring like the center diamond or in a Channel setting. In this case, smaller diamonds are inside the ring and could go all around the ring.

Pavé rings

Small diamonds are mounted very close together to cover the whole metal of the ring. The ring looks like it is made of diamonds, a very brilliant style.

There are more engagement ring designs to choose from if you want to build your own engagement ring. You could even choose your style from designer rings.

If you want to build your own engagement ring online, learn to build your own ring at You will also find more about diamonds and precious metals. The best stores are also listed so you can shop for certified diamonds with confidence.

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