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Friday, November 9, 2007

Build Your List Fast-E Marketing

Business owners know that it is crucial to the success of their business that they create a significant list of customers and prospects. For this reason, many entrepreneurs use their lists as a way to network their company and products.

As list building has grown, companies are beginning to join in together so that they can share their lists. The more contacts that you have, the more people's email addresses you will have available to you. The more contacts that you have, the more business you will be able to perform.

So what are some steps that will make list building an easy proposition for your business?

Start Simple

An easy way to break into list building is by getting the contact information of your friends and family. From there you can start to develop your list by asking for the contact information of your friends and family. This is a quick and simple way to start building your list without using any funds.

Create A Lead Capture Page

The next step is to develop an effective lead capture page that generates leads. A lead capture page is a simple, one page website that gives a snapshot of you and your company. Your site must have an area for the potential client to enter their contact information. After the prospect enters their info, you can add them to your list.

Keep It Simple

Make certain that it is simple for your prospect to enter in their info. If the process for a prospect to enter in their info is too difficult, they may grow tired of it and not complete it. You'll do yourself a huge favor by expediting the process. Important info for you to capture on your site is their name, email address, home or cell phone, and fax if applicable. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Allow People A Way Out

While your main goal is to increase the size of your list, it is also courteous to provide people with a way out. If someone truly does not want to be a part of your list anymore, allow them to opt out. This ensures that your list is only comprised of a group of people who want to now what is happening with your business.

These are some simple and inexpensive ways to build your list fast. Once you begin the networking process, you will be amazed at how fast your list will develop.

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