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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Natural Silk products

Silk is one of the eco friendly natural products that are produced by the caterpillars of the silk moth. The caterpillars eat mulberry leaves only and when they are ready to be a pupa, they start spinning the silk round and round protecting themselves to form a cocoon.

If we measure the length each worm produces approximately 2.4 kilometers continuous thread. When the transformation is complete, the moth is ready to leave its cocoon; it produces a kind of chemical that spoils the silk thread for spinning. As a result the moths must be killed boiling them before they leave the cocoon to get good quality silk. Only a limited number of worms as required are taken to complete their lifecycle for breeding purpose so that the eco system is also be maintained. In this category we at Creation Nepal offer best quality hand loomed and hand prepared different types of silk products. Some characteristics of our raw silk products:1. Raw silk maintains the environmental temperature as a result the user of our raw silk products feel comfortable in both hot and cold weather.

2. Our raw silk have highest soak rate (11%) of perspiration where as other fabrics are ranging maximum 4 to 7% soak rate. 3. Raw silk prevents electric shocks and saves from firebreaks as it doesn’t burn but melts in the temperature of 300 to 400 degree centigrade which does not stick like polyester into the skin.

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