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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Girls and Corpses

Can you think of anything sexier than a sweet, wholesome, innocent girl in a bikini getting right neighborly with a disgusting, festering, malodor corpse? Me either!

As you may already know, Robert Steven Rhine is the warped-minded publisher and editor-in-chief of the spoof magazine, Girls and Corpses; however, even before the derivation of this publication, Robert was already overflowing with accomplishments.

Robert has achieved recognition as an amazingly skillful, sickly comedic, horror writer. Everything from his short stories to his films to his comics have been seen and published ubiquitously. He is also the relentless mastermind behind "SATAN'S 3 RING CIRCUS OF HELL," an extraordinary collection of the works of forty-three of the top horror artists in the world.

Cyn: If you could dig up one person and have lunch with them, who would it be?

Robert: My dad. But he would have to pay. He was the greatest person I
ever met -- a brilliantly comedic and witty mind, with a huge heart.
Other corpse candidates would be: Edgar Allen Poe, Carl Sagan, Tim
Leary, Abraham Lincoln and Lenny Bruce (not necessarily in that order).

Cyn: If you could work under one person (literally and figuratively) who would it be?

Robert: Figuratively, I would love to work under Steven Spielberg. And, literally, I would have to say, Jenna Jameson.

Cyn: Other than keeping up with the magazine, what things are you working on now?

Robert: Honestly, the magazine takes up so much of my time right now, I'm totally focussed on that. There are photo shoots, writing gags for the magazine, and preparing for each issue. It's a lot of work. I have a
great photographer, Lon Bixby and a corpse guy, Kevin Klemm, who digs up the bodies, but I do all the other magazine work and I don't have a secretary. At least a breathing one.

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