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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Brabus tuned Mercedes-Benz E V12

Tuned car Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 is known for that is the fastest sedan produced in lots. Tremendous dynamic characteristics Mercedes-Benz E V12, but also a special aerodynamic weather-cloth gives to the car not only tuning of the engine and technical stuffing Brabus. Lateral profile thresholds, a face-to-face and rear bumper with spoilers serve not only as ornaments, and considerably improve aerodynamic indicators that tests in a special tube have visually shown. Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 “is put” in 19-inch wheels with cast disks with rubber Pirelli 255/35 on a front axle and 285/30 on the rear.

As to an interior, then just that variant when appearance correspond also to the rich internal: a black skin of special manufacture Alcantara, dark panels from carbon.

Engine Tuning Info

Previous generation Mercedes E-klasse (in body W210) in a modifed variant from German of tuning studio Brabus has become history also the book of records Guiness as the fastest serial sedan. Misters from company Brabus have decided not to stop on reached, and in 2005 have presented new generation tuned Mercedes E-class(W211) under name Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 which besides became the champion. And no wonder, if to consider, how many efforts, knowledge and means for it have been spent.

In Brabus have increased a working volume bi-turbo power unit VI2 with 5,5 to 6,3 litres - have for this purpose replaced a base bent shaft on new, with the increased courses of buckets. Buckets have increased in diameter and have received the facilitated connecting rods. Also engineers have worked and at valves and a block head. It is natural, that the electronic control package has been reprogrammed by the engine also. And, certainly, the car have equipped with a sports exhaust system. As a result of all these manipulations, Brabus Mercedes-Benz E V12 develops power in 640 h.p. at 5100 turns in minute and 1026 Nanometers at 1750 turns in a minute.

As to dynamic indicators then any sceptic recognises productivity of tuning from Brabus: dispersal to 100 km/h occurs for 4,5 seconds; to 200 km/h - for 11,7 seconds; to 300 km/h - for 30,6 seconds. The maximum speed of the car has made 350,2 km/h that is a record for serial sedans.

The braking system also has been subjected completion and has received 375 mm ceramic brake plates with 12-piston calipers on a front axle and 355 mm steel disks with 8-piston calipers on a rear axle.

Changes in a car running gear are not so considerable: the suspender underestimated on 30 mm and new powerful absorbers.

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