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Monday, October 1, 2007

How To Quickly Get Your Website Indexed?

If you have trying to get your website listed in the search engines you may have missed these two proven strategies which cost nothing to use. As well as this you can also improve your rankings and generate consistent free traffic.Before you start its best to use both of the following strategies together for maximum effect and if you keep using them you will start to rank higher in the search engine results pages allowing you to generate hundreds of free visitors to your website everyday.
The first strategy involves setting up a blog on your website using a free script called Word Press. Its well known that search engines will index blogs faster than any other pages on your website. To get listed as quickly as possible it works best if you install the blog in your root directory (so the blog will be on your home page).
If you install the blog in a new folder on your website which is not the root directory you can still get listed very quickly but just not as fast as using it on your home page. If you have a new website you can always move the blog from the root directory to another folder once you have got indexed in the search engines.Once the blog is set up you need to start posting new content at least once per day but preferably multiple times per day.
You don't have to write the content yourself as you can just use articles that are available on article directories but make sure that the information is related to your domain and contains relevant keywords.To instantly attract the search engines to your blog you can use the next strategy which involves writing an article that is relevant to your website and then submit it to Go Articles for free. The article only has to be around 300 words long and it works best if the content is closely related to your website (don't forget to include your website link at the bottom of the article).
Although the search engines will eventually notice your blog and index the content you can speed up the process by submitting an article to Go Articles who will list it instantly. It doesn't take long to write one article and you should be able to attract the search engines within a day or two.The great thing about this process is that you are using legitimate methods to attract the search engines and it costs you absolutely nothing to implement. If you decide to keep posting content on your blog and keep submitting articles to article directories you will improve your rankings and start generating free traffic.

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